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Walls of Water

By Asa Zuberman-Leibman

Before getting into this article, I wanted to briefly highlight a conference in which I recently took part at Brown University in Providence, RI. Strait Talk is a symposium that brings together students from the PRC, Taiwan, and the U.S. for a weeklong Interactive Conflict Resolution (ICR) session that seeks to establish a consensus document, essentially a resolution in which all 14 delegates agree on solutions to the multifaceted cross-Strait issues. The purpose of the symposium, and by extension, this article, is to promote cross-Strait dialogue and a better understanding not only of the issues surrounding China, Taiwan, and the U.S., but to also underline the important effects these issues have on the entire global community.

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Lebanon: Left out of discussion, issues to come

by Hampton Stall

Lebanon is currently facing a plethora of issues, from al-Nusra Front and ISIS operations in the east (including their capture of 23 hostages plus a few beheadings) to an executive branch without a president for over 3 months to tensions in the north between Lebanese armed forces, Hezbollah, residents, and refugees. While the world looks to ISIS and the crises in Ukraine, Lebanon seems to be slipping under the radar.

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