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Exclusive Interview: Kenyan Government: Dadaab Refugee Camp Aiding Terror

By Sarah Gerber

The Kenyan government claims that the Dadaab refugee camp need to close because it is a training ground for the Somali terrorist group Al Shabaab, but evidence suggests that the camp is insignificant to Kenya’s security problem. Instead, the government appears to be using the refugee population as a scapegoat in preparation for the Kenyan presidential election this summer.

The camp closure is raising great humanitarian concerns. As a result of the closure, 250 000 Somali refugees are likely to return to three large cities in Somalia where unemployment is 70-80%. When leaving the camp they will loose access to healthcare, education and food rationing. Many of the refugees are from weak social groups and have few ways of building themselves a livelihood in Somalia.

The Davidson International’s Sarah Gerber sits down with Dr. Ken Menkhaus, professor of Political Science at Davidson College and author of the book  Somalia: State Collapse and the Threat of Terrorism. Click here to view the exclusive interview.



Featured Image from The Washington Times

Lebanon: Left out of discussion, issues to come

by Hampton Stall

Lebanon is currently facing a plethora of issues, from al-Nusra Front and ISIS operations in the east (including their capture of 23 hostages plus a few beheadings) to an executive branch without a president for over 3 months to tensions in the north between Lebanese armed forces, Hezbollah, residents, and refugees. While the world looks to ISIS and the crises in Ukraine, Lebanon seems to be slipping under the radar.

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